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Provenance: VAST Challenge 2020
Title: Mini-Challenge 2


With your help, the Center for Global Cyber Strategy (CGCS) searched the vast graph of offline records and narrowed its list of possible groups involved in the accidental cyber event. Further analysis of the cyber event has given a strong indication that a subgroup of eight individuals were behind the bug. The CGCS has received a tip that this group rarely meets in person and instead they use a special item—a totem—as a secret signal of their affiliation. This item is unremarkable to those who are not part of the group; it could easily be confused for a free item handed out at a conference. The CGCS gathered all records associated with the group from their offline archives including text and photos that potential group members posted on the Y*INT social media platform. Investigators at the CGCS need your help analyzing the contents of those records to look for clues to the identity of the eight individuals.

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Kris Cook, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jordan Crouser, Smith College
Jereme Haack, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
John Fallon, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Curtis Larimer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Diane Staheli, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Kristen Liggett, Air Force Research Laboratory
Steve Gomez, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Total uses: 12
Used by:
Arizona State University
Award: Honorable Mention: Effective Use of Visual Encodings for Correcting Classification Errors
Otto-von Guericke University - Mallikarjun
Peking University
Purdue University
Shandong University
Singapore Management University
Technical University Kaiserslautern
Texas Tech University
Award: Honorable Mention: Detailed Analysis of Patterns of Misclassification
Tianjin University
Award: Strong Visual Design to Support Classification and Task-Focused Filtering
University of Konstanz
University of Magdeburg - Mittenentzwei

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