Entry Name:  "VT-Wang-GC"

VAST 2015 Challenge
Grand Challenge



Team Members:

Junpeng Wang, Virginia Tech, junpeng@vt.edu    PRIMARY
Ji Wang, Virginia Tech, wji@vt.edu

Chris North, Virginia Tech, north@vt.edu 

Student Team:  Yes


Analytic Tools Used:

MoveView, developed by the team for the challenge.

Spectrum,  developed by the team for the challenge.





Approximately how many hours were spent working on this submission in total?

150 hours



May we post your submission in the Visual Analytics Benchmark Repository after VAST Challenge 2015 is complete?   Yes



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For each of the following questions, consider both the movement and communications data.

GC.1Scott is not a paying customer and does not have an ID. Describe Scott Jones’ activities in the park during the three-day weekend. Who does he spend most of his time with? When does he arrive? When does he leave? What route does he follow?

Limit your response to no more than 10 images and 1000 words.

Scott Jones appeared on location 63 five times in the three-day weekend, i.e. Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. He spend around two hours per stay on this location and was not interested in other locations. We found the following three details of Scott and his group:

1.       In the movement data, we found there were 8 IDs who always followed Scott Jones on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We think these 8 IDs were bodyguards or staffs working with Scott Jones. And Scott spent most of his time with these 8 IDs.  The IDs of these 8 people were: 521750, 644885, 1080969, 1600469, 1629516, 1781070, 1787551 and 1935406. They always followed the same path from park gate to Location 63; they only stayed in 63 (2 hours/visit) and were not interested in other attractions. The following figure (of the visualization tool MoveView) shows IDs in this group and the path the group used.

Description: 1

2.       The group went to the Stage Show (63 in the map) twice (8:45-12:15, 13:45-17:15) on Friday and Saturday, but only once (8:45-12:15) on Sunday.


3.       Time stamps of this group’s movement (Friday and Saturday: a, b, c, d, e, f, g and h; Sunday: a, b, c and d):

a.       Enter park: around 8:45

b.       From Gate to Location 63: 8:45-9:30

c.       Stay in Location 63: 9:30-11:30

d.       Leave Location 63 (back to Gate): 11:30-12:15

e.       Come back to Park: around 13:45

f.        From Gate to Location 63: 13:45-14:30

g.       Stay in Location 63: 14:30-16:30

h.       Leave Location 63 (back to Gate): 16:30-17:15


GC.2 – Identify up to 8 issues with park operations during the three-day weekend.  Provide a rationale for your answers.

Limit your response to no more than 8 images and 800 words.

1.       On Sunday, the second Stage Show of the soccer star at Location 63 (between 2:30 to 4:00) was canceled. And the Scott Jones did not come to the park (see the answer of CG1).

2.       On Friday, ID 657863 was always moving with a group of five people. The group checked in location 20 around 21:53. Four other people of the group left around 22:20. But he/she did not leave. The last record of this ID is “2014-6-06 21:53:11,657863,check-in,6,43”. This visitor did not receive any message after 21:25:39. The following two figures show this group in MoveView and Spectrum. A possible scenario is this visitor lost his/her tracking device at Location 20.

3 - Copy


3.       On Sunday, seven visitors stayed at a restroom, i.e. Location 66, for more than 5 hours, as shown in the following figure. These IDs are: 227221, 392618, 1095309, 1336607, 1483705, 1722376 and 2063022.  We think there are several possible scenarios:


a.       Frist, the group may all lose their tracing devices at this location, as there was no message sent from/received by these ID after 15:03 (3:03PM). The following figure from Tableau supports this fact.

Description: gc2


b.       Second, they are the suspects’ IDs of the crime, as Location 66 is very close to Location 63 (Scott gave performance there). Six (except ID 2063022) of these IDs had movement records that were not geometrically consecutive (there is a big gap among their movement record after they went out from the Location 66, at 20:41:33). As shown in the following figure from MoveView, the movement records indicate some IDs jumped from Location 66 to Location 44.



4.       On Sunday, from 11:45 to 12:00, many IDs sent messages to “External”. And then, a significant amount of visitors reported to the Park Service ID (839736) between 12:00 and 12:30. A possible scenario is an incident happened in Wet Land area and visitors in this area contacted with their friends outside the park between 11:45-12:00. Visitors in this area also reported the incident to Park Service ID (839736) and Park Service ID replied these visitors. Messages sent to the Park Service ID reached another peak around 14:50 (2:50PM). Visitors may ask questions about why the stage show at Location 63 was canceled. The following three figures from Tableau support the facts we described.





5.       The last movement record of 898576 on Sunday is “2014-6-08 10:19:59,898576,check-in,43,56”, He/She stayed at location 24 (Kauf’s Lost Canyon Escape) from 10:20 to the end of the day. Although the ID did not move after 10:20, he/she still communicated with others. The last message this ID received is “2014-6-08 22:03:27,1860467,898576,Tundra Land”; the last message this ID sent out is “2014-6-08 21:27:24,898576,972256,Wet Land”. This ID communicated with 160 unique IDs (including “External”). The following figure shows this ID in Spectrum.



GC.3 – For the crime, describe the following, and provide your rationale:

a.       When did the crime occur?

b.       Where did the crime take place?

c.       Who are the most likely suspects in the crime?

Limit your response to no more than 5 images and 500 words.


1.       Based on the unusual pattern in communication data, we believe that the crime occurred at location 32 (Pavilion) on Sunday between 11:45 and 12:00. Please check the 4th issue in GC. 2. Due to the incident, the soccer star did not come for the second Stage Show. Please check our answer to GC. 1.

2.       Based on the unusual pattern we found in movement data and communication data, we believe two possible groups are the most likely suspects in the crime

a.       ID: 898576. This ID stayed at Location 24 (Kauf’s Lost Canyon Escape) from 10:20 to the end of the day. Although the ID did not move after 10:20, this ID still communicated with others. Please check the 5th issue in GC. 2.

b.       On Sunday, there were 7 IDs that stayed in a restroom for more than 5 hours. These IDs are: 227221, 392618, 1095309, 1336607, 1483705, 1722376 and 2063022. Please check the 3rd issue in GC. 2.














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