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Adrian Kowal, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Adrian_kowal@hotmail.com

Guillermo Poblete, Universidad de Buenos Aires, guillermo.facundo.poblete@gmail.com, PRIMARY

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For each of the following questions, consider both the movement and communications data.

GC.1Scott is not a paying customer and does not have an ID. Describe Scott Jones’ activities in the park during the three-day weekend. Who does he spend most of his time with? When does he arrive? When does he leave? What route does he follow?

The schedule that Scott followed efficiently that weekends, is resumed bellow:


Friday and Saturday:


8.45: Scott gets into the park

9.30: Scott gets into the Ginosaurus Stage

11.30: Scott leaves the Ginosaurus Stage

12.15: Scott leaves the park

13.45: Scott gets into the park again.

14.30: Scott gets into the Grinosaurus Stage

16.30: Scott leaves the Grinosaurus Stage

17.15: Scott leaves the park definitely




8.45: Scott gets into the park

9.30: Scott gets into the Ginosaurus Stage

11.30: Scott leaves the Ginosaurus Stage

12.15: Scott leaves the park definitely

14.30: Scoot should have assisted to the 2nd show of the day, but we supposed it was suspended because of the crime occurred at the Pavilion.


Scott spends most of his time at the Grinosaurus Stage, and walking through the park from the entry to the stage, and back.


The image below represents the route followed by Scott during the three days. He goes straight from the East Entry to the Grinosaurus Stage, and back, without stops. Every walk took him about 45 minutes.




GC.2 – Identify up to 8 issues with park operations during the three-day weekend.  Provide a rationale for your answers.

Issue 1: Three people seem to stay into Creighton Pavilion, on Sunday the 8th, while it was closed during the morning.

These visitors are represented by the ids 416790, 461004 and 1502920.

The suspicious movements they made around the Pavilion on that Sunday were:


9.01.58: The three visitors get into the Pavilion.

9.30.00: 150290 goes to the entry and makes a check-in again


There aren´t any movements for this three people during two hours.


11.30.01: ids 416790 and 461004 go to the entry and makes a check-in again

11.30.19: The entire group leaves the Creighton Pavilion.



Issue 2: Park´s employees leaves alone the Creighton Pavilion Entry twice while the Pavilion was close on Sunday´s morning.

You can see this behavior on the image below. The colored cells indicate the presence of the guard in the Creighton Pavilion. White cells indicate the absence of it.



Issue 3: According to our analysis, the crime was discovered by a visitor at 11.30 on Sunday, but the park´s employees delayed 30 minutes to close the Pavilion.


On the image below, you see the first burst starting at 11.30 on Sunday, made by visitor to others visitors. But the burst coming from employees (orange) starts at 12.00.




Issue 4: The Scott’s show scheduled on Sunday´s afternoon, was apparently suspended, and visitors weren´t notified about that.

The smaller burst comes from the entry of the Stage, where Scott should have done his show. The people assist to that place, but we suppose that the show had already been cancelled, and people weren´t informed about that. You can appreciate this reasoning on the image below.



Issue 5: Galactosaurus Rage failure on Friday morning.

The following Image shows the average minutes that each visitor spent in the check-in of this ride, through each minute of the day. We can see that at the beginning of the Friday visitors waited almost one hour to play the game. The rest of the day the average check-in time was less than 5 minutes.


We conclude that this ride had some sort of problem by Fridays morning and that problem was fully solved around 9:30-10:00 am on Friday.



GC.3 – For the crime, describe the following, and provide your rationale:

a.        When did the crime occur?


The Pavilion was open at 8.00 that Sunday, and there is not a rush of movements or communications until it close at 9.30. So we assume that nothing strange happens during that period of time.


We suppose the crime occurred on Sunday the 8th, between 9.30 and 11.30, when the Creighton Pavilion was closed.


This assumption is based on the next analysis, that led us to think that the crime was discovered the same day at 11.30, just after the Pavilion re-opens.



The big amount of communications between 11.30 and 11.45 includes all the communications inside Wet Land Area, except for those to an external source, the message from and to IDs 839736 and 1278894. In other words, this are the communications between visitors inside the park, just after the Creighton Pavilion re-opens.

We suppose this is the time of the crime´s discovery made by the visitor, according to the news.



On the image below, we can confirm that a lot of that communication shown on the image above comes from the Creighton Pavilion.


Since the 9.30 to 11.30 that Sunday, there were a number of suspicious movements made visitors and employees that we explain on GC.3.c



b.        Where did the crime take place?

The crime takes place at the Creighton Pavilion.



c.       Who are the most likely suspects in the crime?

      We suspects the four security guards who were in charge of the custody of the Creighton Pavilion, when it was closed during the Sunday morning, while Scott was making his performance at Grinosaurus Stage.

      As we mention on GC.2 Issue 2, they leave alone the Pavilion twice along that period.




We also suspect a group of three visitors, who made a check-in to the Creighton Pavilion at the last minute before the morning´s close on this Sunday, and don´t have any movement up to the moment when the Pavilion re-opens at 11.30.

      You can see our analysis about that issue on GC.2 Issue 1.



      We also suspect of the visitor with the ID 1983765 which visited the pavilion many times in the weekend, but on Sunday, he left the park very early (11:47 am), even before the security guards discover the crime. That Sunday, he entered the park 8:15 am, went directly to the pavilion, spent 36 minutes and went to the Scholtz Express. He spent two hours and twenty minutes at the check-in of that ride. That is extremely odd as we can see in the next image:


This are the maximum check-ins time of all the visitors that made check-in at every minute of the day (Sunday), for the Scholtz Express.

After spending 140 minutes at this ride, this visitor left the park.






















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