Entry Name:  NYU-Bowen-GC

VAST 2015 Challenge
Grand Challenge



Team Members:

Bowen Yu, New York University, yubowenok@gmail.com PRIMARY

Bo Zhou, New York University, bz387@nyu.edu


Student Team:



Did you use data from both mini-challenges?



Analytic Tools Used:

Ad-hoc System (self-implemented for VAST challenge 2015)


Approximately how many hours were spent working on this submission in total?



May we post your submission in the Visual Analytics Benchmark Repository after VAST Challenge 2015 is complete?




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-          We have re-assigned IDs to the individuals based on their order of appearances throughout the weekend. The individuals are then grouped based on the similarity between their movement trajectories. Group IDs were assigned.

-          Our system displays the newly assigned IDs. Therefore the snapshots all contain our custom group IDs.

-          However, the person-ids listed in the answer use the IDs from the raw data.


For each of the following questions, consider both the movement and communications data.

GC.1Scott is not a paying customer and does not have an ID. Describe Scott Jones’ activities in the park during the three-day weekend. Who does he spend most of his time with? When does he arrive? When does he leave? What route does he follow?

Limit your response to no more than 10 images and 1000 words.


It is easy to identify that, Scott Jones has two shows every day, at facility 63 Grinosaurus Stage. We have found there are 8 persons, who are probably Scott’s staff for the shows. Their IDs are: 1080969, 644885, 1781070, 521750, 1787551, 1935406, 1629516 and 1600469. Their move path are shown in the image below. In the mornings they come at 8:45am, use the same path move to facility 63 the Stage half an hour before the shows. The shows are from 10am to 11 am. They start moving at 11:30am and follow the reversed path that they come to leave the park. In the afternoons, they come again at 1:45pm. They take the same path, arrive at the Stage at 2:30pm. The afternoon shows are from 3pm to 4pm. The start moving at 4:30pm, they left the park at 5:15pm.


The show was cancelled on Sunday afternoon. So they didn’t come then.

At the beginning of Friday around 9am, Facility 4, Galactosaurus Rage, had far more visitors than any other facility. The number was significantly higher than its riders in the next two days. The first image is the chart of number of people at Facility 4 on Friday, the second one is on Saturday.  We think there could be an opening ceremony event there. It is very possible Scott was there during that time, so everybody went there in the morning.


 Besides, it can be seen that Facility 3, Auvilotops Express (Thrill Rides), had far more visitors on Sunday (over 600 at peak). The two charts below show the people flow at Facility 3 on Sunday and Friday respectively. We think that probably Scott were there in the afternoon for a long event (such as a closing ceremony). Alternatively, it could be due to some emergency actions taken after the crime, so that people were guided there.




We have also tried to find other patterns that can tell if Scott have other activities during the three days. For example we have tried to track everyone that has watched a show. Almost everyone leaves the show exactly on it finishes (11am and 4pm). It turns out they move quite randomly, so we excluded the possibility that he had activities somewhere else after the show.  The image below is the heat map of numbers of people that left from the show.


GC1-2The image on the right illustrates the positions of people that have watched the show on Sunday morning, at 8 minutes after the show finished.

We have also tried to look at the number people at each single facility, as well as the messages sent from each facility throughout a day, in order to find if there is something important going on. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any pattern that we think are guaranteed to relate to Scotts’ activity.

There was a group of four people, ID: 1690685, 629048, 1797150 and 1486047. They watched the both the two shows on Friday. See image below. They stayed checked-in at the Stage during the 4 hours between the two shows. Though weird, there is no proof that they are related to Scott.



There was another group of three people, ID: 1856633, 631146 and 802410 on Saturday. They stayed one more hour in the Stage facility after the show. Then they left the park. One of them also came on Sunday morning and watched the show again. We guess they are Scott’s fans. They stayed late maybe because they were talking with him.

GC.2 – Identify up to 8 issues with park operations during the three-day weekend.  Provide a rationale for your answers.

Limit your response to no more than 8 images and 800 words.

1)      Queueing at entrance.


We have noticed that the queueing time is significantly longer at the main (North) entrance, especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings, visitors wait 20 to 30 minutes to get in the park. However, at the same time, the other two entrance are very light loaded, people just waited 1 minute to get in. The park should balance the load, let the visitors use the other two entrances to enter.



2)      Unbalanced restroom usage.


We found the restroom usage is very unbalanced among different restrooms in park. The image below shows usage the three restrooms: 51, 49 and 66 on Saturday. The first row is restroom 51, which locate in the center of the park. It is always heavy loaded all the time. The peak usage could be 110 people using it at the same time! The second row is the other one which is located besides the left entrance of the park. It has about less than half of the usage as 51. The third row is the one besides the show Stage. We can observe two peak at 11am and 4pm. It is due to the Scott’s show finished at that times. People need to queue for a long time waiting to use this restroom.



3)      Visitor staying overnight.


We found a person (ID: 657863) who stayed overnight on Friday night, who left the park in the morning of Saturday. This person was with his 4 friends on Friday night. They might be drunk because they had gone to the beer garden. His friends left the park but left him at facility 20. We don't know if it was a prank or accident. But the park should definitely prevent this from happening. 


4)      GC1-5
Place the facilities according to their types, to help visitor utilize their time better. Some people travels all around to play the rides, especially those who loves Thrill rides. Because many thrill rides are distributed at the boundaries of the map, unlike the other facilities. For instance, the kiddie rides are put together.



5)      Improve app quality.