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Provenance: VAST Challenge 2011
Title: Grand Challenge 2011


In Mini-Challenge 1, you used microblog data to characterize an epidemic spread.
In Mini-Challenge 2, you conducted cyber security analysis for situational awareness of a corporate network.
In Mini-Challenge 3, you investigated terrorist activity in the region.

For the Grand Challenge, you are charged with investigating the cause of the epidemic.

Read More (from a PDF copy of the original task description of all 2011 Challenges)

See also the PDF copies of the original 2011 Challenge website pages (soon to be or already disconnected). Those files were relevant to mini challenges and the grand challenge, and saved here for archival purposes only:
Copy of original main page of the VAST2011 Challenge
criteria for judging.pdf
blog.pdf (with questions and answers)
Dataset available at:
Use the three datasets of the mini-challenges MC1, MC2 and MC3
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Georges Grinstein, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Kristin Cook, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Paul Havig, Air Force Research Laboratory
Kristen Liggett, Air Force Research Laboratory
Bohdan Nebesh, Department of Defense
Mark Whiting, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kirsten Whitley, Department of Defense
Shawn Konecni, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Pennsylvania State University
University of Konstanz
Award: Outstanding Comprehensive Submission

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