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Provenance: VAST Challenge 2010
Title: MC2 - Characterization of Pandemic Spread

There was a major epidemic outbreak that spanned several cities across the world in 2009. The disease tended to move fast and be fairly difficult to combat. Health officials are seeking help to analyze the illness across these countries to help characterize the spread of the disease.  
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Dataset available at:
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Click Here for a 25Mg zip file, that includes the scenario that links the 3 mini challenges, and detail files for each mini challenge solution.
Georges Grinstein, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Catherine Plaisant, HCIL, University of Maryland
Jean Scholtz, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mark Whiting, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Total uses: 22
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Award: Good analytic process and explanation
College of Engineering Pune
Fraunhofer Institute IAIS
Georgia Institute of Technology
Middlesex University
Noblis Team
Palantir Technologies
Award: Effective visualization of symptoms
Purdue University
Award: Support for future detection
Rice University
Simon Fraser University
Stottler Henke
University of Constance
Award: Thorough Description of Analytic Process
University of Konstanz
VIDI Research group, University of California, Davis
VRVis - ComVis
giCentre, City University London
Award: Good overall design and analysis

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