University of Washington / PARVAC – Pirouette, Microsoft Excel, and Collaborative Rhetorical Analysis – Wiki

VAST 2008 Challenge Mini Challenge 1: Wiki Editors

Authors and Affiliations:

Huseyin Onur Mete, University of Washington, mete [at] (primary contact)

Loraine Rohrback, University of Washington, loraine [at]

Elliot Yamaguchi, University of Washington, ety1104 [at]

Mark Haselkorn, University of Washington, markh [at] (faculty advisor)

Student team: YES


Pirouette (first released as a DOS product in 1990, developed by Infometrix, Inc., a small company, currently based in Bothell, WA, that develops software for multivariate analysis): Pirouette is a powerful piece of software that allows for analysis of multiple variables. For this mini-challenge, we used only two of its features: the ability to create a rotating three-dimensional scatter plot of data, and to generate a dendrogram based on the similarities between different samples.

Microsoft Excel (developed by Microsoft): Excel is a well-known spreadsheet software, packaged as part of Microsoft Office. Since each student team member had a different version of the software, we interchangeably used Excel 2003 and 2007 for PCs and Excel 2008 for Macs.


Two Page Summary: NO



Wiki-1: What are the factions represented in the edit pages and who are its members?

Wiki-2: Is the Paraiso movement involved in violent activities?




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