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VAST 2008 Challenge
Mini Challenge 1: Wiki Editors

Authors and Affiliations:

Lorne Leonard, National Center for Supercomputing Applications at Urbana-Champaign, [PRIMARY contact]

Loretta Auvil, National Center for Supercomputing Applications at Urbana-Champaign,


Student team: NO

Tool(s):  A web application (Figure 1) developed by Lorne Leonard using Silverlight was developed for the sole purpose to answer this mini challenge. The web application is designed to provide the visual and call web services for performing the analytics. Figure 1 shows a scatter plot with date shown across the x-axis with time shown across the y-axis. Overlaid on the scatter plot is a line graph showing the page size. Search terms, persons and various other filters control the points plotted.  By clicking or hovering over a point, the details of the wiki edit come into view. This allows us to determine who is changing the web page and make these associations. By viewing more detail by a particular person, we can review their edit patterns.


Figure 1: Wiki Web Application developed with Silverlight.


Two Page Summary:   NO



Wiki-1: What are the factions represented in the edit pages and who are its members? In other words, describe the groups and their members based on their editing changes.  



Paraiso supporters

Amado; Sara; Edemir; Agustin; RyogaNica; Adriano; Rm99; DailosTamanca; Socorro; Ricarda;

Paraiso Critic

VictoriaV; 66.66.125.x; Savanna;

Automated Reverting from "Vandalism"


"Vandals" - Who Reduce Page Size to Zero

86.151.194.x; Afrox; Alejo; Alphanzo; Cirilo; Ciro; Cristofer; Cuartio; Eltri85; Paintman; Pixel; Rica; Salvatora; Soledad; VictoriaV; o10101100;

"Vandals" - Who Reduce Page Drastically

139.55.50.x; 172.203.243.x; 195.113.65.x; 201.226.51.x; 204.52.215.x; 209.155.27.x;  66.175.135.x; 67.55.3.x; 68.161.222.x; 69.14.85.x; 71.59.210.x; 74.120.3.x; 74.130.152.x; 75.179.21.x; 75.179.21.x; 84.158.202.x; 86.135.211.x; 86.151.194.x; Absalon; Afrox; Alejandrosanchez; Alejo; Alphanzo; Cirilo; Ciro; Cristofer; Cuartio;Eltri85; Honoratas; Molotover; Paintman ;Pixel; Rica;  Rosamaria; Salvatora; Soledad;  VictoriaV; o10101100;

Who is reverting "Vandalized" Web Pages

Adan; Adriano; Agustin; Alanzo; Alarico; Alfredo; Arate; BakBOT; Chkbot; Ciro; Claudio; Cris; Cristofor; Cuartio; DailosTamanca; Edemir; Estirabot; Franpollo; Genoveva; Gertrudes; Gmarval; Gracia; Hispa; Jekter; Jibbon7; Makila; Mercenario97; Niermague; Paintman; Pixel; RASECZENITRAM; Remedios; Rm99; Rosalinda; Rosamaria; RyogaNica; Salvadora; Salvatora; SantiMonse; Sara; Seina; SilviaBot; Socorro; VictoriaV;

Who discusses health care issues

Edemir; RyogaNica; Sara;

Who discusses education issues

71.68.15.x; Alonso; Cortez; Edemir; RyogaNica; Sara;


Who discusses Paraiso as a commercial enterprise.

144.132.141.x; Adriano; PaintBoy; RyogaNica; VictoriaV;


Who discusses secret levels of Paraiso

69.26.121.x; 69.61.213.x; 82.53.116.x; Adriano; Afrox;

Agustin; Amado; Clodoveo; Cuartio; Góngora; Paintman;

Pixel; Salvatora; Segunda; Socorro;

Who uses Wikipedia keywords

Adriano; Agustin; Estirabot; Gracia; Gustava; Ricarda; Rm99; RyogaNica;

Socorro; Strider; VictoriaV;

Who has edited Membership values?

65.91.29.x; 65.95.124.x; 71.68.15.x; Amado; DailosTamanca; Edemir; Eunispero; Góngora; Ignacia; Sara; VictoriaV;

Who says "Paraiso is a cult"

195.113.65.x ; Adriano;

Who reverts "Paraiso is a cult"

71.59.210.x; Absalon; Rm99;


Detailed Answer:

Our first approach to answering the factions represented in the wiki edits is to plot the edits against time and the size of the web page to look for any patterns. Below in Figure 2, is a screen shot of these results. The yellow rectangles mark the wiki edit event and the dark orange line represents the wiki page size. First, we noticed that there is a regular pattern of edits. About every two weeks, there is a mass amount of edits marked in orange with Figure 3 and an effort of "vandalism" to either blank or severely reduce the page size.


Figure 2: Plotting wiki edit events and wiki page size.

One of the application tools allows the user to create a query that finds all wiki edits below a threshold value. For example, Figure 4 shows the query of finding all values below 1 byte and the list box on the right side shows the results. The user is also able to click on the plotted rectangle to show its properties such as the editor and the user can skip to the next event. We used the same tool to find keywords such as "health-care" to plot the locations and produce a list of editors.


Figure 3: About every 2 weeks, there is a mass number of edits (highlighted in orange) followed by vandalism reducing the page size to zero.


Figure 4: Searching for wiki page sizes.

Wiki-2:  Is the Paraiso movement involved in violent activities?         YES

List of wiki edits providing evidence

# (cur) (last) 03:30, 19 September 2006 BakBOT (Talk | contribs) (97,765 bytes) (Reverting possible vandalism by Special:Contributions/Alphanzo (see here). If this is a mistake, report it. Thanks, BakBOT. (Bot))

# (cur) (last) 03:16, 19 September 2006 Alphanzo (Talk | contribs) m (moved Paraiso to GUNNED DOWN SIX DOCTORS AND NURSES IN COLD BLOOD)



Short Answer:

The above evidence indicates that Alphanzo edited the web page to report confrontation between Paraiso members and the Department of Health and the user "moved"  "Paraiso to GUNNED DOWN SIX DOCTORS AND NURSES IN COLD BLOOD". We must point out that this wiki edit does not conform to the standard wiki edit line. As it is missing the byte size of the wiki page and replaced with an "m" highlighted in yellow above. BakBOT, a user (perhaps automated) who regularly reverts "vandalism" page edits, shortly removed Alphanzo edits. However, comparing this BakBOT edit with other BakBOT edits a reference number is missing. For example, the BakBOT edit below shows the reference number highlighted in yellow. We speculate that this is a fake BakBOT edit.


# (cur) (last) 19:20, 8 October 2006 BakBOT (Talk | contribs) (99,477 bytes) (Reverting possible vandalism by Special:Contributions/128.125.81.x. If this is a mistake, report it. Thanks, BakBOT. (8279) (Bot))


Figure 5 shows the search results for "gun" and by highlighting the rectangle event node we can see the event values.


Figure 5: Tool Result for looking up the keyword gun.

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