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VAST 2008 Challenge
Mini Challenge 1: Wiki Editors

Authors and Affiliations:

Chidansh Bhatt, National University of Singapore,  [PRIMARY contact]
Dhaval Patel, National University of Singapore, [PRIMARY contact]
Mohan Kankanhalli, National University of Singapore,
Wynne Hsu, National University of Singapore,
Lee Mong Li, National University of Singapore,

Student team: YES  

PhD. Supervisors : [Mohan Kankanhalli, Wynne Hsu, Lee Mong Li]


To provide visual analytics to describe the social relationships of the editors involve in Parasio Wikipedia edits page. We have implemented our approach using MATLAB and Perl programs. The outcome of programs gives files as input to GraphViz tool  ( Graphviz is open source graph visualization software. Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. We have provided required matlab and perl files to reproduce the result. We are in process to build a more sophisticated tool using provided program files.  

Two Page Summary:   NO 




Wiki-1: What are the factions represented in the edit pages and who are its members? In other words, describe the groups and their members based on their editing changes.  



1. The Friends of the Socorro

Savanna; Curcio; Estuabot; Salvadora; 219.78.46.x; 89.57.190.x; VictoriaV

2. The Friends of the Augstin

 Josecastro79; Adolfo; 66.66.125.x; 70.178.167.x; o10101100

3. The Friends of the Rm99

 Paintman; Claudio; Salbatora; 90.196.227.x; 81132254; 6595124; 2076157

4. The Friends of the Ciro

Jfreyre; Amado; Ginebra; Gerarda; Seina; Sejunda; 141140150; VictoriaV

5. The Friends of the DailosTamanca

 Cuarto; Alfredo; Alvar; Gustava; Anoryat; 8616191; 209120162; 716815

6. The Friends of the Sara

 RyogaNica; Davo520; Metamario; Moisescorral; Makila; Niermague; Selena; 619148; Ria; VictoriaV

7. The Friends of the Edemir

 Alvaro; Eunispero

8. The Friends of the Sevilla

 Cornelio; Pipi; 17035208; 644113; 209250162; 24118114; 75131224; VictoriaV

9. The Friends of the BakBOT

 697429; 86135211; 172203243; 69152204; 6621577; 80212; 150204165; 20359152; 762591; 1219612; VictoriaV

10. The Friends of the Ricarda

 Cortez; Adan; Cancerbero; Cansado; Clodoveo; Remedios; Honoria; Salvatora; 172202237; 19511365; 29168142; 58179241; 6425200; 7517921

Detailed Answer:

As the Paraiso movement is controversial it is expected to reflect the controversy in the Wikipedia edits of the Paraiso movement page. To find the support to such controversy first we find the word frequency of edits record data set. Among the high frequency words we found words expressing the refutation. We make a list of such refutation words. The higher level goal is to find the groups of people supporting the paraiso movement or opposing it. From the data set we extracted the data field having the names of editors. We sort and remove the duplicate names to find list of editors involve in wiki editing. Using the list of refutation words and editors name we wrote perl program to find the refutation link between editors if edit contains the refutation word and name of person against whom some action is taken by editor of the current edit. Doing these processing of data we filter out 1009 records to 89 unique records and out of total 387 editors we got down to focus on 90 editors. At this stage it is easy to see who refutes whom but difficult to see who is directly or indirectly supporting whom ( can say it as group of friends). So we use inference rule like if A refutes B and B refutes C then A&C is possibly in same group (group of friends). The problem here needs us to see globally who are supporter and who opposes the Paraiso movement. We can make red-black tree like graph of refutation links. Where we consider the red color nodes representing the group of people supporting Paraiso movement and green color nodes ( instead of black) representing group of people opposing Paraiso movement. On visualizing these graph it is also clear that there are group of editors having interest or knowledge of certain aspect of Paraiso movements and thus limit them selves to edits of those aspects. Thus graph shows tree structure and there are sub trees representing certain closely related topics and editors of those topics from both supporting and opposing groups. The graph can be seen here




Wiki-2:  Is the Paraiso movement involved in violent activities? 


List of wiki edits providing evidence

# (cur) (last) 07:05, 16 September 2006 Agustinm (97,791 bytes) (Ref'ed a few {{fact}} bombs)

#(cur) (last) 05:01, 14 December 2006 67.55.3.x (Talk) (116 bytes) (?Replaced page with ''''Paraiso''' is a crazy anti god religion and the practitioners of such should be executed on charges of heresy')



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