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Provenance: InfoVis Contest 2003
Title: Visualization and pair wise comparison of trees


For each type of dataset we give a brief description of the type of tree it represents, background about the application domain and tasks one might encounter when analyzing the data. Of course we hope that this contest will help refine the list of tasks as you will probably find interesting facts in the data that do not fit any of the tasks we suggested...

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Jean-Daniel Fekete, INRIA, France
Catherine Plaisant, HCIL, University of Maryland

Total uses: 6
Used by:
EVAT - Environment for Visualization and Analysis
Award: 2nd Place
Award: 2nd Place
Award: First place: Overall
Treemap, Radial Tree, and 3D Tree Visualizations
Award: 2nd Place
Visualization of Trees as Highly Compressed Tables
Award: First place: Originality
Zoomology Comparing Two Large Hierarchical Trees
Award: First place: Student

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